Eneco East helps you to identify energy-saving measures, as well as estimate the costs and benefits of these solutions to determine where to focus your investment for the greatest impact. We then implement solutions that will result in lower energy consumption, decreased operating costs, and improved comfort in your building.

As a building owner or manager, you are driven by rising utility costs, quality service demands, and rapidly developing technologies. We perform a comprehensive survey and thorough building assessment, providing a unique approach to preventive maintenance.

Utilizing Eneco East’s portable wireless system for assessing building performance, we can provide you with professional, detailed reports that document opportunities for you to save money and improve tenant comfort.

Getting started is simple and the solution to helping you get the best performance out of your building is straightforward. Typically, the process would include:

  • Initial meeting with an Ruthrauff Energy Services Consultant
  • Equipment survey
  • Building performance assessment with our wireless monitoring system
  • Preliminary recommendations
  • Program recommendation
  • Implementation schedule
  • Performance review